National Security

Since 2003, the war in Iraq has been the central focus of U.S. national security policy. America has devoted more than half a trillion dollars and the bulk of our military resources to that war while largely neglecting the mission in Afghanistan and failing to adequately address other global challenges. Today, the United States faces a Taliban threat that is stronger than it was in 2001, a reconstituted al-Qaeda movement that once again poses a grave danger to the U.S. homeland, and an emboldened Iran and North Korea moving dangerously close to full nuclear status.

The time to change course to secure America and restore our leadership in the world is now. We must bring to a close our open-ended commitment in Iraq; move to refocus our resources and efforts to defeating al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan; develop coherent, comprehensive strategies for dealing with our adversaries and addressing transnational threats like nuclear proliferation and energy security; and also work to fill gaps in our homeland defenses and restore balance to our strained military ground forces.

Equally important to a strategic re-thinking of our national security policies is the necessity of renewing American diplomacy and global leadership in order to bring real solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. We must move away from a unilateralist approach to foreign policy to strengthen ties with our allies and build new partnerships with emerging world leaders. Senate Democrats are committed to working with the Obama Administration and our colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the Senate and House of Representatives to responsibly and decisively change our course on national security.

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