"National Security Implications of Disclosing the Identity of an Intelligence Operative"

October 24, 2003
Mansfield Room, U.S. Capitol

"In pursuing a political agenda, the leakers destroyed a woman's chosen career path without regard for the consequences. But the consequences are much greater than Valerie Plame's job as a clandestine CIA employee - they include the damage to the lives and livelihoods of many foreign nationals with whom she was connected and it has destroyed a clandestine cover mechanism that may have been used to protect other CIA non-official cover officers."
Vincent Cannistraro, former Chief of Operations and Analysis at the CIA Counterterrorism Center

"If left unpunished, this cowardly act will not only hinder our efforts to recruit qualified individuals into the clandestine service, but it will have a far-reaching, deleterious effect on our ability to recruit foreign intelligence assets overseas."
Larry Johnson, former CIA Analyst

"The deliberate exposure and identification of Ambassador Wilson's wife, by our own government, was unprecedented, unnecessary, harmful and dangerous."
James Marcinkowski, forer CIA Operations Officer

Hearing Transcript

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Opening Statements

Senator Tom Daschle
Democratic Leader

Senator John D. Rockefeller
Vice Chairman, Select Committee on Intelligence

Senator Carl Levin

Senator Tom Harkin

Senator Bob Graham

Senator Frank Lautenberg

Statements by Witnesses

Vincent Cannistraro
former Chief of Operations and Analysis at the CIA Counterterrorism Center

Larry Johnson
former CIA Analyst

James Marcinkowski
former CIA Operations Officer

Additional Information

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